StealthGenie – Honest Mobile Spy Software Review!

StealthGenie Review

Can you Download StealthGenie For Free?

Hi guys welcome to my StealthGenie Review unfortunately you can’t download StealthGenie for free and guess what I tried and got a nasty virus on my PC and lost everything so stay away from any free versions!!

So only buy from the Offical StealthGenie Website.

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Below I dive into what the cell phone or tablet spy software includes, what StealthGenie does, how it works and what other people are saying about it and my personal thoughts and opinions as well.

New Software Feature Update!!

NOW all Facebook Messenger Chats and multimedia messages sent and received are tracked and logged for easy viewing when you login to your control panel. This new feature is compatibale with Iphones, Android, Blackberrys and tablets without anyone knowing!!

See Device Compatibility Here!

What is StealthGenie?

StealthGenie is a Cell Phone Spyware compatible with iPhone, Android, Blackberry or Tablet devices. With a quick and stealthy install you will have your own personal genie installed on your suspects device and working recording within seconds!

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Who Is StealthGenie For?

StealthGenie is great for catching out the cheaters and liars in your life. It is also popular as parental control device, to keep an eye on your kids, see where they are going and what they are up to! It’s also popular for employers, they install on their employees phone or device so they can track where they are going if they are a courier service or something like that because of the GPS tracking feature on it!

StealthGenie can be used on anyone to be fair; a suspected spouse, a lover, a friend, employees, kids, just to make sure they aren’t up to anything they shouldn’t be.

StealthGenie has become more popular with large and companies and even small businesses where they need to keep track of their employees where about’s like truck driving companies or delivery services.

Employer’s have found StealthGene to become very handy with a built in GEO location Tracker so you can find out if they are on rout or not. It’s amazing what you can find out like how long they really spend on their mobiles while they are supposed to be working etc. And its 100% absolutely untraceable.

My Personal StealthGenie Review

StealthGenie has been a favourite out of all the other Spy/Monitoring Software out there because it is by far the most powerful and trust me I have tried a LOT of spy software before I found this one that has all of the features I needed and more. This is by far the most easiest and quickest to install and the interface is awesome. I personally have tried a couple others and they don’t stack up as well as StealthGenie..

StealthGenie is exactly like having an invisible Genie in your phone or tablet device that starts monitoring and relaying all calls, SMS’s, Emails, Whats App messages, Viber convos, Skype chats, & even Facebook chats back to a control panel where you can login and see everything!!!

StealthGenie Features

  • StealthGenie has a built in GPS Tracking device – where you can see where they are really going. You can also check on their location history and mark prohibited or safe areas on your map. So it will alert you when they are in certain areas.
  • Read and check on emails. Stealth Genie Allows you to get complete access to all emails sent and received. You can read emails from any of the popular email applications
  • It installs on almost every device except Symbian. StealthGenie now works on tablet as well as the new IOS7 iPhone (and any previous versions), any android or blackberry device.
  • StealthGenie also sends you archives of all their internet history so you can see what they are typing in, browsing and searching for online.
  • See what changes they make to their contacts and calender activities.
  • View all their photos, videos, music & voice recordings.
  • Stealth Genie also allows you to control their phone remotely, meaning you can lock their phone, pause their device, wipe everything, and view anything you want to delete or control. (Pretty Handy in certain situations)
  • I love the fact that you can use it to for different things including, parental control, keep your kids safe, employee monitoring, make sure you know where your kids are, catch out a a cheater or a liar. One software can do all of this and much more.

As the popularity of cell phone spy software increases, the rise of cell phone monitoring software increases as well.. And with all the wide range of features and all the different prices, licenses, plans, packages and that, I can see why people would get confused. Here I am simply stating that StealthGenie is the best one i have found and i am helping spread the word. Please feel free to Contact Me if you have any questions what so ever! I will be happy to help!

Stealth Genie is the latest Cell Phone Spyware I tried and by far my favourite. It has all the features of other spy software and more affordable!!

Here are Some StealthGenie Reviews Of People Who Enjoyed It!

StealthGenie James Nelson Father I installed Stealth Genie on my teenage son’s phone and by reading his text messages and listening to his phone calls, I found out that he was mixing with the wrong crowd in school. The Geo Location feature led me to his exact location and I managed to save my son from possible abuse.



Sarah Frye
CEOI caught my employee cheating and sharing our client lists with competitors. Thanks to StealthGenie, I had emails, BBM conversations and meeting records plus I knew exactly whom they were visiting and when due to Stealth Genie’s cell phone tracking capabilities.

Stealth GenieMartin Langston 

I suspected my daughter of substance abuse. Unfortunately I had no proof of this. So I installed Stealth Genie on her phone and set up trigger words for her calls and SMS. These words were cocaine/coke, heroine, marijuana, dealer and a few more. My worst fears were confirmed a day after installing Stealth Genie on her phone. She was not only abusing drugs she was also selling them to other people. I thank Stealth Genie for informing me of this before she did something stupid under the influence of drugs. I immediately put her in a rehabilitation center to get her cleaned up. My daughter is now out of the rehab center and is back to being her carefree and happy self. I can’t thank Stealth Genie enough!

Stealth GenieMartha Jasper
I suspected my younger daughter of missing school. Once, I dropped her to school and my friend told me after like an hour that she saw Jazzy at Pizza hut with some guy. I called her immediately and she made me talk to someone she said was her teacher I calmed down and such a thing happened again after a week. She was seen by many of my friends sitting with some guy during school timings. I installed Stealth Genie in her blackberry and one day she repeated the same I recorded her surroundings and checked them on the GPS navigation map in member’s area. I reached that place instantly and was shocked to find out that she was actually sitting there with some guy hands in hands. I dragged her to the car and brought her home. I am highly thankful to Stealth Genie for making me reach her exact location and finding out the truth.