My Comprehensive SpyBubble Download Review

Spybubble Review

SpyBubble Review

My Comprehensive SpyBubble Review

The Spy app for employee and child monitoring cell phone “spy” app known as Spy Bubble as you may or may not know is a good piece of spy software with a great list of features.


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Has anyone heard of Spybubble? It’s an amazing software that will allow you to keep track of your loved ones’ activities on their mobile phones. Mostly for people who want to keep a closer eye on their child or employee…

It’s hard to guess all the time, sit and wait when the news will get to you, right? Spybubble is the answer to all of your questions and end in agony with guessing and waiting for the news to come to you. According to a Spybubble review, most of the subscribers are mothers, wives, girlfriends and significant others who have trust issues with their loved ones. There are many Spybubble reviews that prove how terrific the software does its job. Let’s find out more about the software as you read along.

Brief Product Description On Spybubble

Spybubble is a software application that is available and compatible with Android and Blackberry powered devices. It also works on Symbian a phone which provides an accurate monitoring of a device in a constant manner. It can only be downloaded on its official website and many Spybubble reviews have been warning the public about fake Spybubble software that third party websites are offering.

What Comes in the Spybubble Box?

The Spybubble software has distinct features that you can never find on any other mobile tracking software. It comes with a monthly fee of $49.95, which is cheap enough knowing that it can give you access to whatever each member of your family does everyday.

In order to activate the installation, you will have still had to download the official installer of the program. It also keeps track of the call, SMS, contacts, photos, and browsing history and even calls listening. ASpybubble review has good words about this software and we will have to find out as we continue to discuss each of the features of this software.

SpyBubble Download – Product Features and Technical Details

The product is less than $50 and it gives you the privilege to access the following.

  • Call Tracking – Allows you the numbers your children, husband or employees are calling and the list of the numbers who has called their phones. Its real time based which makes you know the exact duration of all the calls.
  • SMS Tracking – Instantly read all of the messages that went through someone’s phone. Spybubble still gives you access to all of the messages even if it has been deleted by the owner of the phone.
  • Call Listening – You can listen to all of the calls being made and made by the phone and have a record of it too. This feature however is available in the premium version.
  • Access to the List of Contacts – You will also take a hold of all of the numbers saved in the phone memory. You will now have full access to the friends list of your son.
  • Email and URL Tracking – It will give you information on whatever website the handler of the phone visits, which makes Spybubble a good help in guiding kids with the use of the internet.
  • Photo Tracking – It uploads a complete history of all the photos sent or received by the phone. It gives you the information on how you will be able to reprimand your kids on the use of their cameras.
  • GPS Tracking – This is a good feature especially when the phone is lost. It will also help to track your kid to check if he’s really in school or somewhere else. It makes you track the exact location of the phone by using an internet connection and Google Maps.

Short Summary of Feedback From Existing Owners

Since Spybubble was released, it already gained so much popularity because of the features it possesses. Many users are surprised and satisfied the way the software allows them to keep track of everything their kids are doing. Mostly, mothers are amazed at the price since it’s the cheapest software of its kind.

However, some realize that’s it’s too expensive and they have to cut their subscription. Some are also explaining of the Spybubble scams that are offered by other websites. These websites just let the customer pay and won’t be able to use the service. It’s advised to download the software from its official source.

Pros of Spybubble

  • It is offered at a very affordable price compared to what other companies offer.
  • It is very easy to use.
  • The user can read every single number stored in the phone’s memory.
  • Keeps track of the entire website being visited by the phone owner.
  • It can locate the phone through GPS tracking by using Google Maps.
  • Every single email will be revealed.
  • It makes you listen to all of the calls and read current and deleted messages.

Cons of Spybubble

  • It has compatibility issues with certain phones.
  • You need to take a hold of the phone itself for you to install the application. There’s no way it can be installed secretly.
  • Spybubble requires the phone to have an internet connection to make use of the services.
  • The call listening feature is only available on the premium version of the software, which means you have to pay a higher amount to enjoy the service.
  • Doesnt Allow you to stealthily enjoy the benefits instead it shows an icon on the users phone!

Who Should Buy This Product?

This software is most beneficial to mothers and wives who have trust issues with their children or employeers who give out phones to their employees and want to keep an eye on them. . They would enjoy this application to ease their doubts towards their suspect.

It is also good for men like fathers, brothers and partners who have the same issues with women. This is a good product though it may have trouble in invading someone’s privacy.

Conclusion and Recommendation

It’s a good product for its price and gives you all the information you need to keep track of someone’s activities as stated in above spybubble reviews. As much as it gives you the access, it might also give you a feeling of guilt for invading someone’s personal and private life.

We are all entitled to our own privacy and we have all the rights to defend that. The software might be helpful without the person knowing. But, if in any case he or she will discover, Spybubble might just get you into a big trouble.