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best mobile Spy Apps for android and iphone 2015

Are you looking for a Phone Tracker App?

As parents we want the best for our children, we want to keep them safe and out of harms way in every way possible and have control over the influences in their lives so they grow up in a way that we can be proud of, but with technology becoming ever so popular and social apps almost being mandatory in every young teenagers life it can make it very difficult to control.

Your kid could be bullied, involved into drugs or sleeping around and you just don’t know… Why is it they are coming home late, where are they going? Are they actually going to their friends house they say they are going to? Deep down inside you know when your kid isn’t telling the truth but wouldn’t it be nice to find out for sure! What if you could prevent them from making mistakes before they actually happen, what if you could control their times of when they use their social apps, or control their internet usage from certain times of the day what if you could put a stop the lies and reveal the truth once and for all!

What if you had an app, yes another app on their phone / tablet that could change all of this around… That means monitor your kids behavior on each of the apps that the kids are using… Monitor their phone calls, check their emails, messages, monitor exactly where they are going to or where they have been before or after school… Get alerts when they are entering a restricted zone that is setup by you..

What Phone Tracker apps can do

Find out if they actually went to school… Control their use of their iPhone / tablet in certain times of the day with a single click. The list goes on and this is all possible with mobile phone tracking and monitoring software where you can have complete control!

Below I share my top 5 favourite apps that I have been using to make sure my kids are doing the right thing and getting their homework and study done! I also have used it on my wife to find out if she was cheating on me and (thankfully it actually was just a business trip) :)!!

It’s called mobile phone spying or mobile phone tracking which ever you want to call it and how it works is an app is installed on the target device and it goes to work, retrieving and relaying any information what so ever that happens to that mobile device.

Check out this screenshot of the control panel I use to keep track of my eldest.


Below I go into detail about some of the most well known spy software and I go into each one’s features and benefits so you will be able to make a decision which one is for you..

5 Of The Best Phone Tracking Apps For Mobile Phone’s


With so many cell phone monitoring features and different types of software it can be hard when it come to make the right decision to choosing one that is perfect for you and your family..

Cell Phone Monitoring Software For Andoid Phones


Option # 1 – mSpy

Option # 2 – Highster Mobile

Option # 3 – FlexiSpy

Option # 4 – Spyera

Below I have listed all of the top recommended Spy Apps for for iPhones, Blackberrys and Androids.

Highster Mobile Spy AppHighster Mobile

Read My Full review here

  • Records all Calls Conversations
  • Read all SMS Text messages
  • Microphone activation (Listen in on surroundings LIVE)
  • NEW! WhatsApp, Facebook Monitoring
  • NEW! Instagram, Skype Monitoring
  • NEW! Stealth Camera (See through the camera LIVE)
  • View pictures and Videos On the Mobile Device
  • View call logs (All calls are saved so you can Listen in later)
  • Read emails – compatible on most email platforms.
  • GPS Tracking – (See where they are going)
  • Browser History Log – (View What they are searching online)
  • Contacts Log (See all newly added contacts)
  • 100% Undetectable

Compatibility: Works on all Apple, Android devices

Note: Apple Device needs to be Jailbroken.

Price: $69.95 – Once Off Fee (Lifetime Membership)

Click Here To Go To The Official Highster Mobile Website 

FlexispyFlexi Spy

  • SMS Tracker
  • Bug Their Room by tapping into their microphone
  • Track where they go
  • Read passwords and passcodes so you can access their services directly
  • Call and Messenger Spying
  • Spy On GPS
  • Spy On IM Chats Including, Skype, WhatsApp, Facebook, FB Messenger, Viber, LINE, WeChat, Imessage, Snapchat, BBM, Blackberry PIN, Yahoo Messenger & Hangouts
  • Spy on Media, audio, images, video
  • Access their device remotely – Taking Pictures, Restart The device, Check battery status, SMS Remote Commands

Compatibility – Iphone, Ipad, Android Devices, BlackBerry

NOTE: Ipad and Iphone – Must have be jailbroken.

Price: Starting at $68.00 per month

Guarantee – 10 Day Satisfactory Money Back Guarantee

Check out FlexiSpy Here

Mspy For iphone & AndroidMspy

Read My Full Review Here

  • Intercept, text and instant messages
  • Call Tracking
  • GPS Tracking
  • Email Monitoring
  • GPS Location Tracking
  • Browser History Monitoring
  • Access Photos And Videos

Price: Starting from $9.95 per month for the basic package.

Compatability : Iphone, Blackberry Android.

Apple Devices Do not need to be jailbroken.

You Can Check Out mSpy Here.

My Final Thoughts and Recommendations

I guess the question left in your mind now is which one will you choose.

You have read the most popular Cell Phone Monitoring Applications I hope this has helped you make the right decision when making this easy purchase for you to keep your family and or employees in check!


Personally I have favored mSpy and Highster Mobile as my favourite spy apps and value for money.

I would definitely go for choose mSpy for iPhone or iPad devices simply for the fact that mSpy works without jailbreaking the device first. And it’s got great features keeping up with all the biggest and most popular social networking channels as opposed to MobileSpy where they don’t have the latest ones eg, instagram, snapchat etc.

And I would go with Highster Mobile if you have an android device as it has all the features other Spy Apps and you can get a lifetime membership for only $69.00.

I hope this article helps.

Please if you have any questions or comments please leave them in the comment box below.


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