Our Comprehensive Mobipast Review

Looking for a great cell spy app that works on both iPhone and Android devices? With a great list of features? 

Introducing MobiPast, an effective monitoring application for Android and iPhone devices which allows you to monitor SMS, Calls, Social Media conversations, GPS locations, Browser history and more without breaking the bank!

What is MobiPast?

MobiPast is a safe and stealthy undetectable mobile spy / monitoring application that allows you to install it and start tracking in just minutes. 

Mobipast is available in 2 different versions:

  • Free Version - NO STRINGS ATTACHED (See Features Below!)
  • Premium Version: Once off Payment of $29.95

​Mobipast Free Version Features Include:

  • GPS Locations: Track GPS Location of where they go on a map
  • Browser History:  See the internet history of the websites visited from their mobile device.
  • Contacts: Receive the full list of contacts saved on their mobile device 
  • Passcode: Capture the targets passcode so you can have access to unlock their phone

See below to check out the difference of whats included in the free version and what you get when you upgrade...

Mobipast Paid Version Features Include:

  • Call Tracking: See full list of outgoing and incoming calls revealing contacts, time & duration.
  • GPS Location Tracking: See on the map where your target is going to.
  • ​SMS Tracking: Read all SMS Messages sent and received. 
  • Passcode: Capture the targets passcode so you can have access to unlock their phone
  • ​Keylogger: Track and record every keystroke with the very handy built in keylogger
  • Notes: Get a full list of what they write down in notes. 
  • Calls Tracking: See Full history of sent and received phone calls.
  • Social Media Monitoring: Captures all Activity on WhatsApp, Facebook, Yahoo, Hangouts, Viber, Snapchat
  • Remote Uninstall: When you are finished with the app you can uninstall the app from your Mobipast control panel.

What I Like About MobiPast

I liked  Mobipast because it works on both the latest android and iPhone devices without the expensive price tag. The developers really had everyone's budget in mind when thinking about pricing this app. I love the fact that it has a free version, and the paid version is great value for money.

You can get started started literally for free and have it installed on their target device within 5 minutes so you can start monitoring.

I also love how it is untraceable, undetectable and how easy it is to remove when you are done with it.. It's like it was never there. I also like how the free version allows you to install Mobipast on their device and it will relay their pass code to you so you can have access to their phone to do the snooping yourself but I do prefer snooping remotely.

What I Dislike about Mobipast

The things I don't really like about Mobipast is that the application doesn't have some advanced features like call recording and call listening other cell monitoring softwares like FlexiSpy or mSpy. But you can't really complaing for a once off payment of $29.95.

Conclusion & Recommendations

I really liked the MobiPast application, it is in my top 7 favourite cell spy apps and would recommend it to any one who is wanting to get started at an entry level. 

It works on iPhone or Android phones and there's a free version available with some great features. 

For those looking at getting a more advanced cell phone spy apps this would not be for you. I would look more into the top 5.

Thanks for checking out my Mobipast review if you would like to leave any comments below if you liked this post!


  1. I know that my phone, desktop and notebook have been compromised but I don’t know what app is being used. How can I block it?