How to Spy on An Android Phone


The easiest way to spy on an android phone is installing a mobile app on the required device so you can start monitoring their every move.

Some of the best free mobile spy apps for android devices are:

  • MobiPast – You can use simple features of mobiPast for free!
  • FlexiSpy – 24 Hr Free Trial!

If you are looking for a great mobile spy app for android without breaking the bank go no further then Highster Mobile. In my opinion this is a great app for androids and runs stealthy in the background, remote uninstall. The only feature it doesnt have which is remote call listening which is only found available in spy apps such as FlexiSpy which is also great but it does come with a price tag.

You can read all my reviews here on my website where I have exposed some of the best mobile spy apps for all devices…

As said Highster mobile is a good one to choose from because there are no monthly contracts unlike the rest of their competition you have to buy periodic licenses.

Highter mobile can be picked up for a small price of $59.95. Great price for a great piece of software.

Again if you are in need of a slightly more advance piece of monitoring or tracking software then check out FlexiSpy and Mspy!

Okay so lets get into the article….

How To Spy On An Android Phone? 

Answer is quite simple and I will start off by saying without paying the expensive fees of hiring a private investigator, phone spy software is very popular for getting the job done safely without any hassles.

The biggest challenge is finding the right app for you…

I recommend you check out my post over at “The Best Mobile Spy Apps 2016 Revealed” 

I have done all the research and put in all the hard work and found the Top 6 best Mobile Spy Apps of 2015 but for android, the best spy app for android Highster Mobile.

It’s great for android devices because it installs in such a breeze. Highster Mobile is not overly prices and has a great list of features and the control panel’s interface is really easy to work with and can be accessed on any smart device.

Once you have purchased this app you need to install it on the android phone and how you do that is quite simply getting in possession of the target android device spending 2 minutes installing it onto the device once Highster Mobile or which ever app you choose to purchase is installed you can hand back the phone without the app being seen on the device.

Thats all it is guys, a simple 3 step process on how to spy on android phones.

Step 1: Choose an app with the features that you like

Step 2: Download it,

Step 3: Install It – Once it’s installed you can start monitoring right away. Best part is once you’re done most apps have a feature where you can remotely uninstall the app so it’s like it was never on there.

I hope you enjoyed learning about how to spy on android phones they are a lot easier then iPhone’s to install because with most spy software iPhones need to be jailbroken in order for the software to install but these days jailbreaking doesn’t take too long either and there are apps that don’t require the jailbreaking of iphones.




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