Flexispy Review – My Complete Flexispy Software Review

Welcome to the complete FlexiSpy Review & investigation where we dive deep into the features and the flaws of the Fexispy Application both Premium & Extreme versions!


FlexiSpy's Specs at a Glance!

  • Live Call Monitoring & Listening & Recording
  • GPS Tracking & GEO Fencing (Get alerts when phone goes into restricted area)
  • SMS  Tracking
  • Application Blocking
  • Web Page Blocking & History Monitoring
  • Password/Passcode Grabber
  • Remote Control Usability


I'm really excited to bring this Flexispy review to you because after you have done reading this post you'll agree this is one of the most exciting and most advance Mobile Monitoring apps out there.. We are going to be talking about the features and differences between the two mobile monitoring applications both Extreme or Professional Editions.

Also a common question I keep seeing is if you "can get Flexispy for free?" So I thought I would tell you a bit about that before we get into the fun stuff. 

Can you downlad Flexispy for free?

The answer is YES. You can get a FREE version of FLEXISPY for 24 hours to test it out... If you are searching for a FREE version of Flexispy you can get download and test it out before you decide to purchase the app.

NOTE: If you are searching for FREE spy programs, please be aware that it can be very dangerous and harmful as there can be bugs and viruses within the app that can destroy data, wipe content and even find out passwords, so please be careful where you download free apps from. The Flexispy free version however is 100% totally clean and if you want to test it out for 24 hours you can do so by clicking the link below.

Download Flexispy FREE Safely HERE 

With that out of the way now it's time to dive into the capabilities of Flexispy to see if it can handle what you are wanting to use it for.

Brief Introduction On Flexispy

When I was first starting out looking for a spy software this was the one of the last programs I was testing and when I came across Flexispy I was literally astounded by their features.

The Flexispy App was designed to keep parents at ease while they're kids might be at a friends house, walking to and from school and you just want to know if your kids are doing the right thing and was also designed to be sed in the workforce when employers would want to give a work phone to an employee so when they do their delivery driving they can track where the delivery is off to. 

There is also a lot of of other creative ways Flexispy can be used, just leave it up to your imagination. 

Flexispy Review

Wow is all i can say about looking through at all of the features and seeing them work when using the device is all you can ever want. 

Personally I think Flexispy is definitely an app to choose when looking for a solution. Download Flexispy through the website >> Flexispy.com​

Flexispy Features

Any edition of Flexispy comes with some pretty hefty features. 

There are two versions or editions of Flexispy Including >> Flexispy Premium and Flexispy Extreme. Below you can find what features each of these versions include so you can decide which version is suitable for you. 


  • Location Tracking
  • SMS Tracking
  • Call Logs
  • Media
  • WhatsApp
  • Facebook
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Viber
  • LINE
  • Skype
  • WeChat
  • BBM
  • Hangouts
  • Yahoo Messenger
  • Email, MMS
  • Browsing Activity
  • Call Notification
  • Address Book
  • Wallpaper
  • Browser Bookmarks
  • Installed
  • Applications
  • Calendar


    • ​All of the above and the extra features below!
    • Password Cracker
    • Listen to and Record Phone Calls
    • Control Microphone and Camera
    • Spoofing Tools


    • Another great feature that Flexispy allows you to have access to is : - spy on all outgoing and incoming text messages, read SMS's, MMS's, send fake SMS messages and you can even delete SMS messages containing certain key words and read through their emails within just a couple of clicks.
    • You can also have access to all their passwords with their Spy-on password feature that allows you to spy on and monitor application passwords, passcodes and even email logins and passwords.
    • The Flexispy full app also allows you to download and view their GPS locations so you can track and view every step and every move they make.
    • With Flexispy having some of the most advanced features in the market place you can see why their competitors are struggling to keep up... Allowing you to spy and monitor pretty much all instant message chats monitoring - what's up conversations, Facebook activity, Facebook messenger conversations, Viber, LINE, Skype, WeChat, iMessage, BBM, Blackberry PIN, Yahoo Messenger, Snapchat and even Google hangouts. Isn't that cool?
    • The features go on and on - Spy on all multimedia including all video files, image files, audio recordings, music - everything that they send to and from the device as well.
    • You can spy remotely - take a picture using a camera you can restart the device you can check out how much battery they have, send SMS remote commands to the device to command it to do certain things.
    • Check out what webpage they are visiting on the Internet and what bookmarks they have saved to their device.
    • Spy on their applications like their address book, calendar, all notes, all of their installed programs and also their program activity.
    • You can even receive alerts when certain things have changed like they change their Sim card, when they call specific contacts or are called any many other custom alerts can be programmed with the easy step by step alert wizard.
    • You can also hide certain things like jailbreak, superSU, from application list in task manager so you are completely invisible and they have no idea that the program is actually installed on the device.
    • Some of the other features that I would like to include are >> Easily install the software, it has online remote commands, easy upgrading, easily updated, easily renewed, easily deactivated and even undetectable installation so you can receive all of the information you want and break the connection without them ever knowing.

Flexispy is aslo available on a wide range of different devices like android, iPad, iPhone, blackberry, and much more.

What Did I Like about it?

The things I really liked about FlexiSpy is that they have the most advanced features available which is is hard to come across and find with any other spy software out there including live call listening and recording and a few other features that I name in just a moment.

Flexispy is definitely one step ahead of the curb because most of their competition has dropped most of their features and Flexispy managed to retain them all.

What didn't I like about it?

There wasn't too much bad I can say about Flexispy.. It's a fantastic program with great features that is hard to find anywhere else.

If you like the call listening and recording features. ​

There is a huge range of features here in fact they have over 150 totally unique features some of which are noted below:

What the software looks like

The Dashboard

FelxiSpy Dashboard

Instant Messaging


Call Recording Dashboard

FelxiSpy Call Recording Review

Outstanding Customer Support

When looking at other cellphone monitoring software I see a lot of people complaining of having issues with the level of customer service and support. A lot of companies in the same industry focus on delivering great software but have issues with their customer support. This is certainly NOT the case with Flexispy and definitely other than their advanced features that customer service is their strongest asset covering and answering questions from sales all the way through to technical and installation questions and what's even better is they offer 24-hour support via email phone web chat.

Furthermore you can read a lot of great information available on their blog and website that will cover most frequently asked questions and provide you with good knowledge of how to best use the software without any convocations.

Having said that there is also a FAQ section where they answer personally over 70 unique questions which you can check out on their website you can access by clicking the link below.

The other thing I really enjoyed about this software is the fact that their website is easy to navigate to find all the information you need before you purchase the software. And even if you aren't completely satisfied with the software you can request a no questions asked refund and they will happily refund your money back.

My Conclusion and Recomendations

I really do believe that this spy software is definitely one of the best and most advanced cell phone monitoring applications available in the marketplace right now and is also reasonably priced. Before you make the purchase though I want to point out you must make sure the phone or tablet that you wish to do some monitoring on is compatible with this software and also check out the frequently asked questions page where you can learn more about it before pulling the trigger with Flexispy.

If you're looking for a monitoring software to install on any mobile or tablet device and to be used for only a short period of time that don't need advanced features than Flexispy might not be for you however if you are searching for a program that allows live call monitoring and reporting, live call listening and some of the most advanced features in the marketplace that can be installed without the any hassle then this app is for you.

Download Flexispy From The Official Website Here