Benefits Of Having a Cell Phone Spy App


Parental Control 

parental controlCell phone tracking apps also known as child monitoring software has become increasingly popular for parents to control their kids use on their cell phones tracking location, who they are talking to, their social media use, their browser history,and control certain applications etc.

Here I just want to go over the benefits a parent would gain from using a cell phone spy application.

1. Blocking Websites

Quite a popular reason why someone as a parent would want to install a cell phone monitoring system on their childs mobile phone or computer would be to certain dangerous block websites or monitor their their browser history from afar to see what their searching and restrict certain websites they are going to that they shouldn’t especially of a young age.

  • Pros: Great for restricting web access and filtering out websites you know they shouldn’t be on.
  • Cons: Sometimes you might not want to know what porn your son is into or what sites they are looking up.

2. GPS Location Tracking and Fencing

When looking for a good cell spy app as a parent it is important that you look for one that comes with a feature of GPS location tracking or GPS Fencing.

GPS Phone Tracking is an obvious way of finding out n why it’s an important feature for a parent to have especially when they have kids using public transport to go to and from school or who are socially active, you want to know where your kids are (majority of the time) and weather they are actually going to their friends house or are they going to their boyfriends or going to score some drugs – hopefully not. The GPS tracking feature is a

More advanced cell spy software also come with GEO fencing which is basically setting up certain restricted areas that are setup by you that you may think are dodgy or don’t want your child going to so you can receive a notification when your child goes into this area which can be very helpful for preventing dangerous situations.

  • Pros: Great tool to keep a closer eye on your children’s location, where they are going to put you at ease knowing they are safe even if they haven’t called to let you know where they are etc.
  • Cons: Is it taking their trust away from them? Will it keep you worrying even more? Do you want to know your kids are being sexually active or doing drugs.

3. Social Media Monitoring

I personally think it’s so important to limit or restrict certain social media activity. With a cell phone monitoring application you can control or even delete certain social apps that you may think is taking over their lives. Social anxiety and different symptoms can be caused from too much time on social media and a parental control application can be very powerful in preventing such things from occurring. The same thing goes with cyber bullying.

  • Pros: It can be important for a mother or a father to keep a closer eye on their social activity especially what they do online or who they are speaking to. You don’t want them mixing up with the wrong crowds and you can prevent different situations from occurring by simply knowing more about their social life. Limiting their time on social media will always have a positive impact on their life.. Having more time to study, more time to chat with your kids and much more.
  • Cons: Your kids could end up hating you. (haha)

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Employee Monitoring 

employee monitoring Another popular reason why someone would want a mobile phone tracking or cell phone monitoring software is if someone is an employer of a company and they have given out a company phone and they want to make sure they aren’t using their phone for personal use.

It can also be helpful finding out how much time they spend on it doing unrelated work stuff so you can weed out the unproductive employees in your company. Also many delivery companies use it to keep a track of where they’re drivers are going.. If they’re on track etc.

  • Pros: Find out if the deliverys are making it on time, if they aren’t ripping you off making personal calls or if they aren’t goofing off on social media when they should be working!
  • Cons: You may find something personal out about your employees that may be hard for you to confront.

Employee Monitoring App

Catch a Cheating Spouse 

Catch-a-CheaterThe days of hiring a private investigator are over with the use of mobile phone monitoring software that can be easily installed on any mobile device in just a few seconds that is completely undetectable. Once the software is installed all you have to do is sit back and wait for you to find out what their next moves are.

Find out if they are really on a business trip or really seeing their “friends” or who are they calling or texting or face-timing! Find out the truth if they are being as faithful as they say they are with the endless capabilities of a good cell spy app.

Popular features to look for when trying to catch out a cheater is the phone bugging feature or ambient listening feature that listens in to their phone surroundings by tapping into their microphone. With an advance spy app it should also record the surroundings as well.

Also if you are doing this to catch out a liar or a cheater you also want to have the live call listening and recording feature so you can provide them with hard evidence when you confront them. And an obvious one would be GPS tracking.

  • Pros: It’s always good finding out the truth even though sometimes it may hurt but it’s better to know then not and being cheated on isn’t okay!
  • Cons: You could get busted trying to install the software or find out that they are actually telling the truth and the joke is then on you.

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