UPDATE: StealthGenie Down Forever?


Hey Guys, Coop here with some not so pleasant news.

Now look alot of people have been emailing me asking about Stealthgenie why the server is down and when will it be back up again?

To be honest. I’m not sure. All I can tell you is that the maker of StealthGenie has been arrested for violating the Law.

Which to me means that they have shut down his business and server as it is a violation on ones privacy.

Read the full story here.

I know you guys are probably freaking out and relying on and waiting on some valuable information to return back to your online accounts. However I cannot promise you that StealthGenie will ever be back online.

Only thing I can suggest is going with the next best thing. Uninstall STEALTHGENIE and add a new one that has NOT been terminated! SIMPLE. If you want to keep monitoring. This is what you have to come in terms with.

Before you start screaming at me saying but I’ve already paid 3 months or 12 months etc. This is out of my control and this is the first time EVER anyone has been convicted for selling a mobile app. So please bare with me.

I can offer you is my research and knowledge on what the next best thing to use, to be nosey, to find out useful things to know your kids are safe, to find out weather your spouse is cheating and to find out if your employee/s are doing the right thing.

These things are priceless to find out!


The stealthy software is called Highster Mobile. The features are enormous expanding with the technology - keeping up with the times. It works on alot of different devices including tablets and ipads, ipods, iphones, androids.

Just like StealthGenie it has all the features INCLUDING STEALTHY INSTALL.

Best thing about it – there is a once off only fee unlike any other software on the market  with NO HIDDEN FEE’s OR monthly costs.

Pay once and get lifetime updates!

Click Here to Learn More

Cheers for your patients and understanding.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask. I would love to hear from you and be more than happy to help with any burning desires or question.




Stealthgenie Free Download – Can you get Download Stealth Genie For Free!

I apologize there you cannot download StealthGenie Free!

Best way is going to their official website and trying it out.. The risk is on them so if you don’t like it you can request a refund.

Click here to go to the official website >>

However, if you are on a budget and you would like a software that has most of Stealth Genie’s capabilities features without the hefty price tag I suggest checking out Highster Mobile…

 Benefits of going with Highster Mobile:

  • ban_imgOnly 1 license (No monthly fee’s – Buy it once Own it forever)
  • Does basically what top performing Cell phone Spying software does
  • Has great reviews
  • Easy & Fun to install
  • Stealthy Install.
  • Check out all of Highster Mobile’s
  • Works on Android Black Berry And Iphones
  • Cheapest Spy software out there
  • Great List of Features

Click Here To Check Out Features & Visit Highster Mobiles Official Website



SteathGenie VS Mobilespy

A Full Mobile Spy Software Review of  Stealth Genie and MobileSpy

When it comes to choosing the right Mobile Spy software you tend to want to look at all the different features and weigh them up over one another.

One might be a bit more technical than another where one software might be great in other areas and have more feature that you think you need it all can be really quite confusing. It took me many years of testing a few different ones out to really know the differences. Because as I said there are a whole bunch of different spying features to try and understand and go through.

In this short review I will be going over the different features MobileSpy has and weighing them up against StealthGenie (My two favourite Cell phone monitoring software) so you can decide which one will be the better software for you and your situation.



StealthGenie Benefits: What I absolutely Loved About StealthGenie!

Stealh Genie is like having a little genie that sits in your desired mobile, tablet or device and starts monitoring and relaying all calls, SMS’s, Emails, Whats App messages, Viber convos, Skype chats, & even Facebook chats.

Then what it does is it relays all of this information back to an online account do you can listen in and check out whats going on. Start monitoring today By Going To The Official Website of StealthGenie.

Employee Monitoring Surveilance Software

What Stealth Genie Does

StealthGenie records all incoming and outgoing calls, after a call has been initiated the software will silently and stealthily start recording giving you an alert that there is a call live if you wanted to listen in live. If you cant get to the conversation in time don’t stress as Stealth Genie allows you to it will be recorded and saved on your Stealth Genie online account.

Not Only Does Stealth Genie Do all of That It ALSO:

  • Has a build in GPS Tracking device – You can follow and see where they are going with their phones. You can also check on their location history and mark prohibited or safe areas on your map.
  • Read and check on their emails. Stealth Genie Allows you to get complete access to all emails sent and received. You can read emails from any of the popular email applications
  • It install on almost every device except Symbian. Stealth genie now works on tablet as well as the new IOS7 iPhone (or any previous), any android or blackberry device aswell.
  • Genie also sends you archives of all their internet history so you can see what they are typing in, browsing and searching for online.
  • See what changes they make to their contacts and calender activities.
  • View all their photos on their phone, videos, music c& voice recordings.
  • Stealth Genie Also Allows you to Control Their Phone Remotely, meaning you can lock their phone, pause their device, wipe everything, and view anything you want to delete or conChild Monitoring Softwaretrol
  • I love the fact that you can use it to for different things including, parental control, keep your kids safe, employee monitoring, make sure you know where your kids are, catch out a a cheater or a liar. One software can do all of this and much more.

Stealth Genie also allows you to bug the phone which turns it into a listening device. As you have probably now realized Stealth Genie can do quite a darn lot, in terms of Cell phone spying. If this has all the features you require you can read more about it by going to the official website.

If you would like a simpler cheaper version without all of the techy fancy stuff i suggest taking a look at my highster mobile or spybubble. I have also written reviews about them which can be found on this website.

Click here to visit Stealth Genie’s Official Website.





Stealth Genie – Cell Phone Spy Software For Android

Cell Phone Spying Software For Androids

Stealth Genie For Android Mobile Phones

Stealth Genie allows you to install a simple cell phone spying software application on android devices through a quick and easy deployable install that boots and runs in the background like your own little genie in your phone tracking absolutely everything and relaying it back to you.


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